14 de February, 2017


The award-winning miniCASTER® brand was created by TV1.EU, one of the leading online video platforms in Europe.

MiniCASTER® Encoder: Ultra-portable system for H.264 encoding of Analog or Digital video signal (HDMI or SDI) in broadcasting and webcasting environments. MiniCASTER® Decoder: Decoder equipped with 2 SDI outputs. MiniCASTER® Beam: Wi-Fi transmission system that allows the transmission of an HD signal up to 1080p uncompressed up to 100 meters with a latency of less than 1ms using the free 5GHz band. MiniCASTER® NewsSpotter: Transmission system using Eutelsat Ka-band satellite for video signal uplink with guaranteed bandwidth up to 10Mb / s. Systems available in FlyAway configuration or for assembly in a car. Multiple packages of satellite minutes available. Transcoding and Streaming: Transcoding and Streaming service packages.

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