Novidades Newtec

1) A Newtec lançou dois novos produtos:

AZ200: Sistema de Switching Universal.


Operates and controls up to 36 switching modules
Switchable signals: ASI, IP, G703, SDH, HSSI, IF,L-band and RF-band
Extension unit
Key features

Dual redundant power supply – Main & Extension unit
Automatic or manual operational mode
Stand alone operation or integrated in a network management system
Suitable for any equipment with alarm contacts

Broadcast contribution and distribution
IP trunking / Corporate networks
Any up or downlink facility
Main Advantages

Increases service availability significantly
Low cost solution
Compatible with any equipment that has alarm contacts
High reliability
High compactness

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AZ212: 1+1 Modulator Redundancy Switch.


Switching of ASI or IP input signals
Switching of IF, L-band or RF-output signals

Broadcast Contribution & Exchange
TV/Radio Distribution
IP trunking / Corporate networks
Telco Backbone

The AZ212 switch is compatible with AZ110, AZ410, AZ910, EL170, EL178, EL470, EL478, EL970 and EL978 as from release 8.2. onwards
Main Advantages

High reliability through the dual redundant power supply
Increases service availability significantly thanks to the automatic or manual operational mode, the Automatic Switch Back and the automatic memorisation of the configuration
Cost-effective solution through GbE logical switching
Easy setup and installation through the ability to copy the full configuration from one device to another
Easy to use, control and operate through its user-configurable switching logic and the Automatic Switch Back
Easy integration into NMS systems through Monitoring & Control via SNMP
Highly compact

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2) Notícias

a) A Newtec demonstrou um throughput bidireccional de 372Mbps e unidireccional de 313Mbps via um transponder KU Intelsat 72MHz. Conheça detalhes aqui:

b) A Newtec terminou com sucesso os testes sobre a nova tecnologia de alta velocidade na banda Ka para o SES Broadband (antes ASTRA2Connect). Conheça os detalhes aqui:

c) Talvez um novo record mundial… A Newtec demonstrou transporte de 310Mbps através de um transponder de 36MHz. Conheça os detalhes aqui:

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